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Make Halloumi Pasta in 15 Minutes/


This very straightforward, very expedient Halloumi Pasta recipe is tasty, fulfilling and an ideal veggie lover family dinner. In only 15 minutes you have a tomatoey-rich veggie lover feast that is got heaps of flavor and surface.

With regards to brief dinners, pasta dishes are a lot of our companion. So I thought: I love pasta and I LOVE halloumi, so the two were clearly bound to meet at some stage!

How We Concocted This Recipe

I arranged this recipe at first to have a smooth sauce (a piece like my velvety bacon pasta, cream cheese pasta and prawn pasta recipes), however after the main test it was clear the halloumi would help more and be supplemented by the newness of a tomato-based sauce all things being equal.

Speed is the embodiment of this basic Halloumi Pasta recipe as well – initially we attempted this with tinned tomatoes yet traded it for passata eventually as there was no time for the tomatoes to cook down.

It likewise makes a rich, satiny sauce that is perfect with the pungency of the squidgy, noisy cheddar.

Halloumi Pasta
Halloumi Pasta
  • Olive oil – Sunflower oil is alright as well. Not additional virgin as it’s not appropriate for searing
  • Halloumi – We’ve remembered 2 packs for the recipe underneath, however utilize only 1 assuming you like
  • Pasta – I like spaghetti with this yet go for whichever you have or like
  • Onion – Either new or frozen pre-arranged is alright
  • Garlic – Same goes for garlic. New or frozen/jostled and so forth
  • Broccoli – Cut this into tiny florets, about a similar size as the halloumi 3D squares
  • Cherry tomatoes – I like to divide these
  • Passata – Don’t involve tinned tomatoes here as they need more opportunity to cook

Step by step instructions to Make Halloumi Pasta

Halloumi Pasta
Halloumi Pasta
  1. Fry your 3D squares of halloumi until brilliant everywhere. In the interim, put your pasta on to bubble.
  2. Remove the halloumi from the dish and add more oil and the onions and garlic. Broil until delicate.
  3. Add the broccoli to the pasta water as per the recipe beneath. Add tomatoes, smoked paprika, passata and salt and pepper to the onions according to the recipe.
  4. When everything is cooked, channel the pasta and broccoli and add into the sauce. Mix well and top with the halloumi cheddar shapes.


Meat – You can include some additional meat assuming that you like, or you can trade the halloumi for something different pungent, similar to bacon or ham.Veggies – Correspondingly, add any veggies you think would work here.


In the cooler You can save this recipe in the ice chest for 3 days. Warm completely prior to serving.

If you don’t serve this when it’s cooked, you’ll find that the sauce retains into the pasta and dries out a bit. It won’t influence the taste, yet you may simply need to add a sprinkle of water when you warm it through.

In the cooler I honestly hate freezing pasta as it can go very soft when thawed out and warmed.

All that said, nothing bad can really be said about freezing for lunch assuming you have extras, it’s simply not exactly as great as new or warmed from the cooler.


These timings accept you are utilizing pasta that requires 10 minutes to cook. Assuming your pasta bundling says it needs longer, change the time in like manner, and make sure to allow the broccoli to cook with the pasta throughout the previous 5 minutes in the skillet.

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